Best Life RPG Apps for Android

Are you looking for ways to stay motivated? You can make use of, say, a calendar app in order to stay on schedule or a to-do list application. You can also use goals, etc.
However, Life RPGs are recognized as one of the unequaled options in this space. It is nothing more than a to-do list application. But users can earn experience points and then level up as they do several things they are supposedto do.
In other words, they turn mundane, everyday tasks like brushing your teeth, eating, exercising, etc., into quests that you have to complete every day. It may sound silly to you, but the truth is that it is highly effective for many users worldwide.

Here are the best ‘life RPGs’ for Android:

Do It Now
‘Do It Now’ comes with a relatively basic user interface. However, it is considered one of the most customizable life RPGs applications on this list. Your life will play out basically on a Dungeons & Dragons-style character sheet.
You will get some points for things like willpower, charisma, etc. And from there, you can start learning any task you are interested in and even gift yourself a specific reward. Want more themes and no ads? Well, subscribe at $2.49 per month or a one-off purchase at $45.99.

EpicWin may have launched on the iOS platform, but porting to Android makes it one of the most helpful life RPGs today. It works just like a gamified to-do list, meaning that you may not really enjoy the entire life RPG experience. But there is still enough for you to enjoy.
The streamlined user interface comes with a full-featured to-do list with all the essential features. The game also adds some animated battles, especially when you complete a particular task for additional engagement. EpicWin can be used for free with a few ads that you can bear from time to time.

Habit Hunter
Habit Hunter has a lot more RPG than other life RPGs. It has a reminder and to-do list. But you will also get a full map that you can explore as you complete your day-to-day tasks.
You can defeat monsters, gain XP, collect treasures, etc. It is incredibly cheap at $1.99.

Epic to-do list
Epic to-do list is a highly effective life RPG that functions mainly as a standard to-do list application. Users create tasks, add reminders, and duplicate repetitive tasks.
The app also adds player attributes, game currencies, as well as a wide variety of unlockable content like weapons, etc. It is available at $0.99, a cheap but excellent option if you love keeping things simple.

Habatica is another well-known life RPG for mobile and works on Android and iOS. A website and a Chrome extension also exist. Users can play in-depth games and even continue progress across any platform. It comes with group activities and other stuff you find in others. It also has a party chat, and you can invite your friends via the extra social elements.
If you join as a group, you will get discounts on subscriptions. It comes at $4.99 per month or $47.99.

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