Best Shopping Apps for Android

Even before the pandemic, many people love to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. This is because shopping online is much more convenient and fun, especially when you only use your smartphone to search for stuff online.

There is a plethora of mobile shopping applications for Android these days. But the following are the top shopping apps you should consider today.

Amazon Shopping
This top shopping apps list for Android will not be complete without including Amazon’s. Millions of people use the Amazon Shopping app every year. And you can find a wide variety of products on the mega mall of the internet.
The addition of Amazon Pantry has made it possible for users to shop for beverage and food items. You can also take advantage of Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, etc., where you find lots of cheap stuff. The app is user-friendly, quick, and simple.

Chewy is just like Amazon but dedicated to pets. If you are a pet owner, this mobile app should be your go-to option for all things related to pets.
You can find nearly everything a pet likes or uses, including treats, animal food, accessories, enclosures such as cages, toys, hygiene products, etc.
Chewy has tons of specials, and its app is user-friendly. They also ship purchased products relatively quickly to their destinations. You may even love the fact that the platform offers free 1-2-day shipping on orders that are above $49.
However, it is highly recommended that you don’t order anything on the platform via the app on a Friday or Saturday. This is because most weekends make nearly all deliveries incredibly slower.
At any rate, if you own a pet or consider owning one, you should try this out. This is also an excellent place to mention the Chewy app’s compatibility with Android devices. You may experience a few challenges when installing the app on a device like the Samsung Galaxy S20+, etc.

This entertaining option – e.g., a mix between eBay and Amazon – for shoppers is a Chinese shopping application owned by Alibaba. Several small businesses sell products on the platform.
It may take a while to get what you ordered, so be patient.

eBay has been around since forever, allowing users to do pretty much everything on the site. This includes searching, checking, purchasing, and even bidding on items. If you are patient enough, you may come across some great products at incredibly low prices.

Craigslist is an excellent spot where users can find almost anything. From cars to apartment blocks or houses, electronics, random furniture, antiques of every kind, etc. Craigslist is the place to see them all.
Craigslist may not be as secure as other shopping apps on this list. However, if you have appropriate vetting in place as well as a public meeting spot, you should have no problems with this mobile application.
The recently launched Craigslist shopping app is holding its own among most of its competitors.

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