Best To-Do List Apps for Android

One of the most challenging things to do these days is staying organized. And for this primary reason, To-Do list applications were invented.
When utilized appropriately, these apps help you stay organized, especially if you are a chronic multi-tasker. They prevent you from forgetting crucial stuff and ease your hectic lifestyle.

Therefore, here are the best To-Do list apps for Android: is the leading To-Do list app on this list and for good reasons. It comes with an array of tasks, notes, and sub-tasks that you can add to, which can help you remember what you are supposed to do at a particular period. It is simple but powerful, and users can enjoy most of its features for free.
You can also enjoy cloud-syncing, which allows you to access the To-Do list via a wide variety of devices such as PC, tablet, web, etc. comes with built-in support for Cal Calendar as well as a sleek interface. It has support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


First of all, the Microsoft To-Do list app can be used for free. And secondly, it can do a whole bunch of stuff, including recurring tasks, syncing with your Windows PC, etc. You can even enjoy its collaboration features – i.e., task and list sharing – with work colleagues or family.

Tasks is also a relatively new To-Do list application and comes with many customization options and a beautiful UI. It has a decent set of unique features and works just like any To-Do list mobile app.
You can find features like a dark theme, multiple lists, a simple layout, etc. It doesn’t have cloud syncing or list sharing. This is not to say that these features will never be added. So, keep checking the Play Store to find out if the app has been updated.


This is a relatively new to-do list application that features a lovely Material Design user interface as other features like:

  • Cloud syncing
  • Tasks and lists
  • Notifications (reminders)
  • Recurring tasks, etc.

You will find other distinct features in this to-do list app, such as integrated weather, theming, floating actions, etc. You can use its free version, but you may need to go for the $3.99 or $1.99 per month option to enjoy more premium features.

Taskito is a task manager and a To-Do list application. The app allows you to efficiently manage all your tasks, see your planned activities’ timelines, etc. It also features up to 15 themes, zero ads, and support for more than 10 languages.
The To-Do list app also comes with some niceties like a note-taking function, planning boards, and calendar integration. You can sync all tasks between devices. Unlock everything by paying a single or one-off price of $5.99.

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