T-Mobile Replaces TVision with YouTube TV

T-Mobile’s relationship with Google seems to be getting stronger by the day. The carrier recently announced new plans to replace its own devices and services with Google-branded alternations.

These changes include Messages by the search engine behemoth as the default texting platform, YouTube TV to replace the carrier’s short-lived TVision, and Google One as the preferred storage and backup solution.

According to the senior official at Google, this is a win-win for Android users as well as for the Android ecosystem. The primary goal is to bring Android customers more services and features for free or at pocket-friendly prices.

This implies that Google’s Messages becomes the standard on every T-Mobile Android device – both current and future. This comes with the promise of much better or higher quality videos and photos, seamless communication over mobile networks and Wi-Fi, more engaging and dynamic group chats.

Google is presently beta testing unique end-to-end encryption for one-on-one rich communication services (RCS) conversations between Google Messages users.

According to a joint press release, T-Mobile and Google plan to build a messaging business together as messaging has become a platform for nearly everything, from commerce to search to even customer support.

Both tech companies will be capable of empowering businesses in order to engage their customers in new and unique ways with conduct commerce, Messages, support, etc., and also communicate even more easily.

Last October, several streaming services for those who hate TV providers but love TV. Vibe, TVision, Channels, and Live offer nearly everything from on-demand programs to local stations, lifestyle, best of comedy, drama, etc.

And less than 6 months later, T-Mobile is getting rid of its branded vehicles in favor of YouTube TV. This means that Live+, Live Zone, and Live winds down by the end of April. However, TVision HUB still remains intact and has become the brand-new home for YouTube TV.

To smoothen the transition, T-Mobile is now giving subscribers a gratis month of YouTube TV. Afterward, subscribers will enjoy a $10 discount off the monthly price. You will get up to 85+ channels, 3 simultaneous streams, unlimited DVR space, as well as 6 accounts per household.

The company has also decided to hand out 3 months of cost-free, ad-free YouTube Premium, which normally costs $11.99 per month.

You can log into your T-Mobile account for a unique code that is redeemable through June 30.But other home internet and wireless customers can subscribe to YouTube TV with T-Mobile for $10 off every month, starting April 6.